Whose looking out for you? 

"When money meets experience, it's the experience that ends up with the money, and the money that ends up with the experience." 

When selecting an advisor, broker or online trading company, conventional wisdom is to use a large, publicly held, brand name investment firm. Like most things in investing, the conventional wisdom is wrong. These firms have conflicting interests, and the individual investor suffers.

Aligned with Clients

  • Wall Street makes money from the fees they charge, not their investing prowess. Wall Street's biggest expense is influencing your decisions, putting their business interests ahead of their fiduciary responsibilities. 

  • Common sense—you won't find Visible Investing principles being promoted by Wall Street—it's not in their financial interest.

Be skeptical, and be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk. 

 Watch John Bogle: A critique of the mutual fund Industry







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